Eat that frog with Pomodoro!

I have dealt with procrastination all my life. Even to the extent of procrastinating on not studying for two whole years… Haha! I know, it sounds terrible! It was just as horrible going through it. But after that experience I had learnt to just sit and do it, without thinking of all the answers in my head as to why do it and how to do it or the worst time-waster planning extensively without Amal.

Anyhow, I watched this video on dealing with procrastination with the help of the Pomodoro technique.

The experiment was rather difficult for me as I have never spent so much time focused on one single task. I was editing my Motivation Letter, that I had been putting off for a very long time. I usually get distracted after 15 minutes, at best (Haha… ‘:D). But I made it to three steps of it, out of four, because this completed my task. I have to admit, I was able to accomplish much more than I ever have in one day. Just the possibility of being able to accomplish so much in so less time (of course, without distractions) has opened my eyes to new realities. In this way, definitely a lot can be accomplished and done.

And therefore, after seeing such promising results of using the Pomodoro technique, I plan on using this for every task on my to-do list. One thing that I would like to change is to reduce the number of breaks altogether. The reason I would do that is, when I took my first break during the experiment, I got way too distracted and forgot all about the main task. Or, another alternative to this flaw in the technique, is to use timer for the breaks as well. This way I will remember to go back to my main task. But again, going back is a bit difficult. Rather, if I just keep going without any breaks, that would not require the effort of going back to the main task. For myself, this little change has to be brought for the technique to be even more efficient. This way, I think I can focus better. Another suggestion for myself, is to choose a time when distractions are least. For example, not at the time when dinner time is near.

This is a great technique, that is a life-saver in true sense (life= time, respect, hard work, effort, etc.). The effort should now be made to make it a habit in life.